DT-X AMS Automated Monitoring Systems are designed for fixed location, long-term or permanent deployments to observe the underwater environment over a period of weeks, months or even years at a time. DT-X AMS can be customized to monitor and automatically report on passage, migration and entrainment of fish, marine mammals and debris at cooling water intakes, dams, marine hydrokinetic projects, spillways, screens, fish bypass and other structures.

Product Features

BioSonics Automated Monitoring Systems Ffor Fish Counting
  • Includes automated data collection, processing, and reporting software
  • Automatically generates real-time, hourly or daily target detection reports and user selectable alerts
  • Determine size, location, speed, and direction of travel of every target detected
  • Continuous and automated data collection and storage
  • Patented “networked sonar” acoustic curtain technology provides full water column coverage
  • Optional integration with underwater imaging systems to automatically classify targets
  • Automatically trigger biological deterrent systems or other systems
  • Heavy-duty solid urethane or stainless-steel transducers, underwater cabling, and mounting hardware

Project Portfolio

Automated Salmon Counter
Completely automatic system to enumerate returning adult sockeye salmon in the Quinault River. First of its kind in the world.

RITE – Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy
Key in gaining regulatory approval for this tidal energy project in the East River, NY, a network of 24 transducers provided continuous, full water column coverage for over 2 years.
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Yukon River Kinetic Hydropower Monitoring
Baseline study to evaluate potential behavioral impacts of raft-mounted MHK turbine on salmon migration and resident species.
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Biological Triggering – SMART Dam in NY
An unmanned hydro dam on the Mohawk River where hydroacoustic sensors automatically activate spill gates to allow blueback herring passage during outmigration.
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Small Hydro Dam Remote Location in Central CA
FERC relicensing project for small hydro dam. An entrainment risk study wherein BioSonics systems were used to quantify Salmonid movement for several months during the summer.
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Traditional Hydro Dam Fish Entrainment Study
North Fork Dam, Clackamas River, WA Study on large hydropower generating station to monitor penstock intake and quantify entrainment risk of juvenile salmonids.
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Remote Observatory System Reef Monitoring
Autonomous, submersible echosounder with a transducer mounted on a dual axis rotator provides 24/7 real time information on reef fish biomass and behavior. Developed jointly with NOAA and GLRL engineers.
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Nuclear Cooling Water Intake – J.A. Fitzpatrick Plant
Fixed position study to compare potential entrainment rates of near shore and deep water intake locations.
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Cabled Ocean Observing System Neptune (Canada)
Deployed on this pioneering cabled ocean observatory off Vancouver Island, Canada. A submerged, 3-frequency system provides backscatter data for research of fish and zooplankton distribution and abundance.
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