BioSonics echosounder systems include data acquisition, real-time analysis, data visualization, post-processing and habitat mapping software.  That’s right, our user friendly free software is included with the purchase of an echosounder, providing a complete hardware and software solution for your application!

Real-Time Data Acquisition and Playback Software for BioSonics DT-X and MX Echosounder Systems

Visual Acquisition is used to collect hydroacoustic data on aquatic ecosystems to assess biological behavior, abundance and distribution and to characterize the underwater environment, and there’s even a built-in processing tool, VisAcq AutoTrack for building echo lists, fish track lists and summary reports!

After downloading, explore the many features and view sample data files by clicking on the blue PLAYBACK button.

Biosonics Fisheries Acoustics Echogram using Visual Acuquisition

Real-Time Processing Tool to Automatically Build and Record Fish Track Lists

Simply configure and collect data as usual in Visual Acquisition, then use VisAcq AutoTrack generate valuable information, including fish density, distribution by depth strata or distance, size distribution and total number of tracked fish.

Conventional processing methods can take hours of valuable time. VisAcq AutoTrack is quick, easy, and best of all, it’s automatic – no further analysis or additional software required to obtain usable information for fisheries management.  Just imagine how much time and money you can save with VisAcq AutoTrack!

VisAcq AutoTrack is compatible with any data files collected using a DT-X echosounder. You can even generate track lists from your previously collected files by using a handy re-processing utility. Download Visual Acquisition to preview in demonstration mode, view sample track lists, and playback files your existing files!

Post-Processing, Data Visualization and Mapping Software for BioSonics DT-X and MX Echosounder Systems

Use Visual Habitat to quickly visualize aquatic habitat data and generate full color contour maps in just minutes.

Determine bathymetry, submerged plant canopy height and percent cover, delineate areas of sand, mud, rock and other substrates. Display synchronized echogram and map views and visualize your results like never before.

Easy to learn and fun to use.  Download your free demo version today!

BioSonics Visual Acquisition Software for Fisheries Research
Submerged Aquatic Vegetatio SAV Mapping

Post-Processing Data Analysis for Fisheries Assessment

For accurate assessment of fish and plankton stocks and for hydroacoustic data interpretation and visualization, Visual Analyzer provides access to information about fish location, quantity, size, behavior, and biomass. Visual Analyzer results can be read directly into a GIS or other applications for further analysis and mapping.

Echo Integration for Fish Stock Assessment using BioSonics Software

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