The DT-X Extreme is an innovative and versatile echo sounder system that expands your data collection opportunities. The DT-X Extreme operates with a split beam or single beam transducers and can be operated as:

  • A portable system for mobile surveys
  • A fully autonomous system, ideal for ASV/USV surveys, surface buoys, and other unmanned deployments
  • For fixed location monitoring applications

The DT-X Extreme includes our patented data collection and analysis software, and produces accurate, high resolution water column data and results for fisheries management and research, and for studies on communities of biological organisms and physical elements of marine and freshwater ecosystems – including fish schools and individuals, plankton, nekton, mammals, birds, debris, oil droplets, gas bubbles, and more.

Mobile Survey Applications

  • Scientific Fisheries Echo Sounder
  • Fish Stock Assessment
  • Population Estimates
  • Size Distribution
  • Total Biomass Estimates
  • Vertical and Horizontal Distribution
  • Behavioral Studies
  • Plankton Biomass / Vertical Migration
  • Predator / Prey Relationships
  • Fish Schools, Individual Fish (all size classes), Plankton, Marine Mammals
  • Physical Oceanographic Measurements; Boundary, Mixing and Coherent Structure Detection
  • Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV), ships of opportunity, unattended fish stock assessment mobile surveys and reporting

Fixed Location Monitoring Applications

  • Remote sites on rivers, dams, locks, and cooling water intakes, for unattended monitoring and reporting
  • Monitor fish passage and entrainment, upstream and downstream migration
  • Fish counting and sizing
  • 316(b) entrainment and impingement assessment
  • Monitor debris and vegetation entrainment
  • Moored surface buoy deployments for unattended water column monitoring and reporting
DT-X Extreme Fisheries Split Beam Echo Sounder
DT-X Extreme Echosounder Autonomous Split Beam Echo Sounder

Product Features

BioSonics Fisheries Echosounders for Mobile Surveys
  • Portable, rugged, weather resistant design
  • Flexible configuration with or without computer:
    • Operate directly from a computer device via wired or wireless ethernet, or
    • Configure with a computer device and then walk away – designed to operate in autonomous mode, unattended, with no computer attached, or
    • Deploy with a field computer connected to enable remote control from anywhere with an Internet connection to reconfigure, visualize data, receive hourly or daily reports, alerts and alarms of detections automatically logged, 512 GB storage capacity
  • Integrated DGPS
  • Compatible with non-continuous power supplies, automated shutdown and reboot based on power availability
  • Programmable duty cycle for power conservation
  • Features low side-lobe digital transducers
  • Simultaneously supports multiple transducers and multiple frequencies, 38, 70, 120, 200, and 420 kHz Split Beam or Single Beam
  • Side-looking, up-looking, or down-looking configurations for complete vertical and horizontal water column coverage.
  • Integrated transducer orientation sensor (pitch and roll) included for verification of transducer aim
  • Individual transducer cable lengths to 100 meters
  • Visual Acquisition data collection and VisAcq AutoTrack real-time processing software is included
  • Measurements and Methods Include: target strength, echo counting, echo integration, fish counting/tracking, automated bottom detection
  • Automatic target detection
  • Dynamic clutter mapping
  • Detect target size, depth, geo-location, swimming direction, swimming speed

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