Empowering Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring

BioSonics develops and manufactures complete hardware and software aquatic ecosystem monitoring solutions. From a variety of rugged, portable mobile echo sounders to autonomous cloud-based monitoring systems, our products provide real-time digital insights, and unbiased, scientifically defensible data.

DT-X Extreme Echosounder and Split Beam Transducers

DT-X Extreme Scientific Echo Sounder

A complete system, using single or split beam sonar to produce accurate, high resolution water column data and results for aquatic ecosystem management and research.

DT-X AMS Automated Monitoring System

Designed for fixed location, long-term or permanent deployments to monitor passage, migration and entrainment of fish and marine life or debris.


DT-X Sub Submersible Echo Sounder

Our autonomous, fully submersible echo sounder, for marine environments, optimized for ocean observatories and long-term AUV or ASV missions.

MX Aquatic Habitat Echo Sounder

A low cost, turn-key solution for rapid assessment and mapping of aquatic vegetation, substrate, and bathymetry.

BioSonics Aquatic Habitat Echo sounder
Maritime Robotics Otter USV integrated with BioSonics MX Aquatic Habitat Echosounder

Autonomous Platform Echo Sounders

Our low power, modular form factors are ideal for integration with autonomous platforms, from small remote control ASVs to fully autonomous long mission AUVs, BioSonics offers innovative solutions for these exciting survey methods.

Omnidirectional Marine Life Observer

A long-range omnidirectional perimeter detection sonar that monitors marine life, marine energy devices and critical infrastructure. The fully autonomous device uses a marine mammal friendly low frequency sound suppression that tracks, classifies, and reports targets of interest. With a continuous stream of data to the cloud, the Marine Life Observer enables real-time analysis, alerts, and summary reports.


BioSonics echo sounder systems include data acquisition, real-time analysis, data visualization and post-processing software.

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