Enabling Environmentally Responsible Development

BioSonics’ aquatic ecosystem monitoring systems give those working in renewable energy and other parts of the Blue Economy the ability to gather reliable scientific data to make informed decisions that support sustainable economic growth and preserve the health of the environment.

Our aquatic ecosystem monitoring systems provide:

Unbiased, scientifically defensible data and data analysis for use in permitting, and to aid in environmentally responsible development, resource management, and policy setting.

Continuous, real-time monitoring of complex and constantly changing underwater environments so concerns or problems can be addressed immediately.

Connection to the cloud and the ability to easily integrate with imaging sonars, cameras, ADCP’s, hydrophones, and other sensors to support a holistic view of the aquatic ecosystem.

BioSonics Products for the Blue Economy

Omnidirectional Marine Life Observer – A long range omnidirectional perimeter detection sonar that monitors marine life, marine energy devices and critical infrastructure. The fully autonomous device uses a marine mammal friendly low frequency sound suppression that tracks, classifies, and reports targets of interest. With a continuous stream of data to the cloud, the Marine Life Observer enables real-time analysis, alerts and summary reports.

DT-X Extreme Scientific Echo Sounder – This versatile echo sounder is ideal for mobile surveys, or as a fully autonomous system for ASV/AUV surveys, surface buoys and other unmanned or fixed location monitoring applications for aquatic ecosystem research and management.

MX Aquatic Habitat Echo Sounder – A low cost, turn-key solution for rapid assessment and mapping of aquatic vegetation, substrate, and bathymetry.

DT-X AMS Automated Monitoring Systems – Designed for fixed location, long-term or permanent deployments to monitor passage, migration and entrainment of fish and marine life or debris.

DT-X SUB Submersible Echo Sounder – Our autonomous, fully submersible echo sounder, for marine environments, optimized for ocean observatories and long-term AUV or ASV missions.

Marine renewable energy powering the Blue Economy

To fully harness the power of the Blue Economy, developers, regulators, and private sector companies need a deeper understanding of underwater environments, and how devices and development may impact marine life and habitats.

Autonomous monitoring devices that can connect to mobile power sources and upload continuously to the cloud give decision makers the vital information they need for project permits, and to make sound, data-driven decisions on an ongoing basis.

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