Fisheries and Aquatic Habitat Echo Sounders

Fisheries & Aquatic Habitat

The need has never been greater to explore our aquatic resources using single or split beam sonar to better understand, conserve, protect and manage fisheries and the aquatic habitat.

Underwater Security

The need to protect critical coastal and offshore waterside infrastructure from potential acts of terrorism is unprecedented. BioSonics offers effective solutions for underwater threat and diver detection, classification, tracking and localization for interdiction.

Split Beam Sonar (SBSP) Underwater Security Systems for Cooling Water Intakes
BioSonics Echosounder for Salmon Net Pen Aquaculture

Net Pen Aquaculture

Net pen aquaculture provides the most cost effective solution to meeting the global demand for fish as a source of protein.  BioSonics uses split beam sonar echosounders optimized for net pen biomass, behavior and environmental monitoring.