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DT-X Extreme autonomous split beam echo sounder

New Product!

DT-X Extreme Autonomous Portable Echosounder

  • Operates with or without a PC or Tablet
  • Ultra Rugged, Stainless Connectors
  • Log up to 30 days of data and more!
Substrate, Bathymetry and Submerged Aquatic Plant Mapping

Habitat Mapping Software

Post-Processing, Data Visualization and Aquatic Habitat Mapping Software

  • Includes powerful new map-making tools to easily generate full-color, interpolated maps with depth contours plus many more exciting new features!
DT-X Sub Autonomous Submersible Echosounder

Featured Project

DT-X SUB Autonomous Submersible Echosounder

  • Cutting Edge DT-X SUB Deployment in Papua New Guinea

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