The DT-X SUB is a completely self-contained echo sounder solution for autonomous deployments where cabling to the surface may be cost-prohibitive or impractical. DT-X scientific echo sounder technology is packaged in a pressure rated housing that is adaptable for deployment via AUV, ROV, or seafloor observatory platform.


  • Long-term, self-contained, autonomous deployments
  • Seabed mount, mid-water mooring, surface buoy
  • Modular OEM integration with AUV, ASV, ROV platforms
  • Biological ocean observation
  • Fish size, distribution, and abundance
  • Marine mammal detection
  • Plankton distribution and vertical migration
  • School detection and single target detection
DT-X SUB Automonous Submersible Echosounder

Product Features

BioSonics Autonomous Echo Sounder for Ocean Observatory
  • Depth rated pressure housing
  • Multi-frequency, multi-channel transducer configurations for species identification
  • 38-, 70-, 120-, 200-, 420-, 1000-kHz split beam and single beam
  • Simultaneous transmission an all frequencies
  • Battery operated, programmable duty cycle for power conservation
  • All data automatically logged -terabyte data storage capacity
  • Compatible with non-continuous power supplies, automated shutdown, and reboot based on power availability
  • Side-looking, up-looking, or down-looking configurations for complete vertical and horizontal water column coverage
  • Integrated transducer orientation sensor (pitch and roll) included for verification of transducer aim
  • Automatic target detection
  • Low bandwidth data summary reports sent over acoustic modem satellite networks
  • Integrated pan and tilt system for programmable sector scanning
  • Automated reporting: target strength, echo counting, echo integration, SV, 3-D fish, and marine mammal tracking
  • Raw data storage for post processing: Echoview, Sonar5, BioSonics software

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