BioSonics echo sounders are available in low power, modular form factors, ideal for integration with many ASV and AUV platforms. From small remote control data collection boats to fully autonomous long mission AUV’s, BioSonics offers solutions to support these exciting new survey methods.

MX Aquatic Habitat Echo Sounder

MX autonomous echo sounder architecture is low power, modular, and easily integrated with a variety of autonomous vehicle platforms and on-board processors. Data collection and real-time analysis software allows simultaneous acquisition of submerged aquatic vegetation, substrate, and bathymetry data.

When shoreside communications are available, via WiFi, cell modem or satellite link, preliminary results, and raw data can be transmitted directly to users. Our Visual Aquatic post processing software is used to create intuitive maps of aquatic vegetation, substrate type, and bathymetry.

  • Map submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV)
  • Map eelgrass and other habitat areas
  • Monitor invasive aquatic weeds
  • Delineate areas of sand, mud, rock
  • Generate contour profiles
  • Shallow water mapping
BioSonics Visual Habitat for Bathymetry
MX Aquatic Habitat Echosounder for USVs - Otter Pro
Wave Glider DT-X SUB Echosounder

DT-X Extreme Scientific Echo Sounder

The DT-X Extreme is a fully autonomous system, ideal for ASV and AUV surveys, surface buoys, and other unmanned deployments. The DT-X Extreme produces accurate, high resolution water column data and results for fisheries management and research, to study communities of biological organisms and physical elements of marine and freshwater ecosystems, including fish schools and individuals, plankton, nekton, mammals, birds, debris, oil droplets, gas bubbles, and more.

DT-X Extreme autonomous architecture is low power, modular, and easily integrated onto a variety of autonomous vehicle platforms. Choose from a variety of split beam or single beam configurations and frequencies: 38,70,120, 200, 420 kHz.

The DT-X Extreme can operate independently, with an internal Linux computer running data collection software and logging up to a month of data with no connection to an external computer, or data can be acquired and stored on vehicle’s onboard processor. When shoreside communications are available, via Wi-Fi, cell modem, or satellite link, preliminary results and raw data can be transmitted directly to users. Survey design can be modified automatically or remotely by users based on real-time detections. BioSonics or a third-party post processing software is available to analyze data and produce results for many types of survey applications.

Survey Applications
  • Fish Stock Assessment
  • Population Estimates
  • Size Distribution
  • Total Biomass Estimates
  • Vertical and Horizontal Distribution
  • Behavioral Studies
  • Plankton Biomass / Vertical Migration
  • Predator / Prey Relationships
  • Fish Schools, Individual Fish (all size classes), Plankton, Marine Mammals
  • Physical Oceanographic Measurements; Boundary, Mixing and Coherent Structure Detection

BioSonics echo sounder technology is easily integrated with Maritime Robotics Otter and Mariner USVs to conduct fully autonomous, unmanned habitat and fisheries surveys.

BioSonics echo sounder technology integrated with the Liquid Robotics Wave Glider to improve efficiencies and reduce the overall cost of collecting fisheries assessment data over vast distances and extended timeframes.

DT-X SUB integrated with Remus AUV

BioSonics echo sounder technology is easily integrated with a variety of AUV platforms, enabling unlimited deep-sea exploration opportunities to bring the sensor closer to the targets of interest.

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