BioSonics Omnidirectional Marine Life Observer is the first of its kind—providing 360 sound underwater insights using BioSonics’ unique mammal-friendly sonar. A Long-range target detection, classification and reporting system, the Marine Life Observer gives those working to understand, explore, protect, and develop marine resources the ability to gather reliable scientific data—information crucial in making informed decisions that support the sustainable economic growth of the Blue Economy while preserving the health of the environment.

BioSonics’ unbiased data and data analysis includes location, depth, behavior, general type of marine life, and noteworthy environmental changes, and can be used in permitting, supporting data-driven policy setting, location selection, monitoring, maintenance of long-term operations, and more.

Product Features

  • Omnidirectional perimeter detection sonar
  • Directed split beam tracker and classifier
  • Continuous data transmitted via the cloud
  • Fully autonomous or cabled operation
  • Real-time analysis, alerts, and summary reports
  • 3-D target tracking and localization
  • Easily integrates with other technology, such as camera, sensors, AI, equipment, and transceivers
  • Marine mammal friendly low frequency sound suppression

Data in Real-Time

In addition to detecting a target from afar, the Omnidirectional Marine Life Observer can determine whether a target is likely to interact with the marine energy device or simply pass it by and can offer early warning of debris or marine life intrusion.

Continuous, real-time monitoring of complex and constantly changing underwater environments means that concerns or problems can be addressed immediately.

Featured Project

BioSonics developed the Omnidirectional Marine Life Observer with support from the Water Power Technology Office’s Marine Energy Triton Initiative. The system was field tested and optimized at PNNL’s Marine and Coastal Research Lab. In the Spring of 2023, the system will be deployed alongside the C-Power SeaRAY marine energy device at the Navy’s Wave Energy Test Site (WETS) in Hawaii. The SeaRAY will provide power and cloud connectivity to the Marine Life Observer, which will autonomously monitor and report on marine life activity during the six-month deployment.

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