BioSonics Attends CERF and AFAS Conferences

BioSonics technology is used by scientists, researchers, and regulators at dams, cooling water intakes, rivers, lakes and in the open ocean. It is always a thrill for us to see how our technology can help with permitting, conservation and resource management, while furthering responsible development of the Blue Economy.

Recently we attended two important conferences: Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) in Portland, Oregon, and the Asian Fisheries Acoustics Society (AFAS) International Conference on Underwater Acoustic Technology and Education for Sustainable Fishery in Asia, held in Shanghai, China.

In a Big Year for Fish Passage, BioSonics Keeps a Count

This summer saw a tremendous run of Chinook salmon through Seattle’s Ballard Locks – the best salmon return in decades! BioSonics waterfront headquarters are less than 900m upstream from the Ballard Locks where a BioSonics DT-X split beam echosounder is positioned to continuously monitor the migration. The DT-X provides a running count of total fish passage as well as the size, location, and speed/direction of travel of each fish – valuable information on the timing and total abundance of the return.



BioSonics Meets with Congressional Delegation

BioSonics CEO Tim Acker was part of a Marine Energy Council delegation that met with members of the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee and Energy and Water Subcommittee on the Hill last week.

The discussion centered on why marine energy matters and the importance of securing ongoing funding to support technology advancement, testing and research.

May 2023 Marks the 45th Anniversary for BioSonics, Inc!

With a focus on invention and innovation, BioSonics has been designing and manufacturing cutting-edge aquatic monitoring systems from the beginning. Originally focused on the Pacific Northwest scientific fisheries community, BioSonics has expanded over the years to include environmentally responsible hydroacoustic solutions for renewable energy, aquaculture, and sustainable development of the Blue Economy.

WaterPower Week 2023

WaterPower Week is May 8-10, 2023, in Washington D.C.

This important 3-day annual event brings together members of the National Hydropower Association (NHA) Marine Energy Council with regulators, resource agencies, policy makers, industry leaders, and river and environmental communities. The conference provides an opportunity for those in the North American hydro industry to dive deeper into the regulatory, policy, markets, and legislative aspects of their work. This year, BioSonics CEO Tim Acker will be part of a panel discussion focused on the keys to successful permitting.

Tim Acker Speaks to Hydro Leader

BioSonics president and owner Tim Acker sat down with Hydro Leader to discuss hyrdoacoustics and how today’s sonar technology can be used to provide valuable underwater insights. From fisheries to dams and power plants, to research and marine energy projects, BioSonics provides invaluable and defensible scientific data that helps power the blue economy. Article starts on page 20 in the link.

Bio-triggered Smart Dam Helps Protect Blueback Herring

In mid-2022 a New York State Boralex Dam on the Mohawk River, near the town of Cohoes, NY installed a new fully automated monitoring system from BioSonics. Blueback herring pass through the dam during their annual outmigration, and the dam operator must provide safe passage. The new system features BioSonics’ DT-X Automated Monitoring System — an echo sounder that uses hydroacoustic sensors to detect the fish. The new 4th generation system automatically opens bypass gates to allow the herring’s passage. The un-manned system controls the amount of water spilled and can shut down power generation turbines if necessary for the fish to pass safely.

Massive New Climate Law Could Give Pacific Northwest Green Businesses a Boost

The passing of the Inflation Reduction Act (H.R.5376) is big news for marine energy research and development, and for the Pacific Northwest! The PNW is a hot spot for wave and tidal energy and home to many of those leading the way: C-Power, #PacWave, Pacific Marine Energy Center, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Sequim – and BioSonics!

We were excited to talk with Tom Banse of KUOW Public Radio on Tuesday – the day the bill was signed – about the benefits of the new Act, the upcoming deployment of the BioSonics Marine Life Observer alongside C-Power’s SeaRay wave energy device at the Wave Energy Test Site (WETS) in Hawaii, and the PNW’s important role in wave and tidal energy development.

Early Sonar Detection Helps Major Nuclear Power Plant Optimize Operations

Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant located on the Tennessee River near Athens, Alabama is the second largest nuclear power plant in the United States, producing 4,000 megawatts of electricity. The cooling water intakes can become clogged by large amounts of drifting vegetation and impact plant operations. A networked series of BioSonics DT-X Automated Monitoring Systems were installed in 2021 to monitor, track, and provide early warning of major drifting vegetation events, to facilitate mitigation efforts and avoid costly plant shutdowns.

The Triton Initiative

BioSonics’ Marine Life Observer will be used alongside the C-Power SeaRay marine energy device, as part of the U.S. Department of Energy Water Power Technologies Office’s Triton Initiative.

Water Power Week

BioSonics to attend Water Power Week in Washington D.C.

The New Omnidirectional Monitoring Sonar for Marine Energy Sites

BioSonics Omnidirectional Marine Life Observer is the first of its kind—providing 360 sound underwater insights using BioSonics’ unique mammal-friendly sonar.

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