Adaptable Towing Bodies for Inland Waters or Ocean Applications.

The BioSonics BioFin is a durable, stable, dead weight towing body, featuring a long-lasting finish and ample mounting space for a variety of remote sensing hardware.

The BioFin can be customized to accommodate up to four transducers and performs well in heavy seas and at various towing speeds. BioSonics BioFins have been tested under a wide variety of loads and sea-states and have proven more stable than typical hydrodynamic vehicles. At only four feet (123cm) in length the BioFin is easy to handle and provides ample mounting space for additional oceanographic, water quality or video equipment.


BioSonics offers dual axis rotators as an option for transducer mounting in deployments which require precise or variable aiming angles. With this option, rotator positional data is time-stamped and integrated with the acoustic data stream, providing extremely accurate real-world target position information.


BioSonics offers a complete line of transducer cables for the DT-X Series Scientific Echo Sounders.

BioSonics scientists and engineers have unparalleled experience in designing custom mounting systems to safely deploy and protect transducers in virtually any aquatic environment and work closely with users to develop the winning strategy for successful hydroacoustic studies.

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