Since 1978, BioSonics has been developing sonar based underwater monitoring systems used to assess a wide variety of fish and marine life, submerged aquatic vegetation and bottom substrate, in virtually all types of aquatic environments, worldwide.

BioSonics technology is used by scientists, researchers, and regulators at dams, cooling water intakes, rivers, lakes and in the open ocean. It is always a thrill for us to see how our technology can help with permitting, conservation and resource management, while furthering responsible development of the Blue Economy.

Recently we attended two important conferences: Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) in Portland, Oregon, and the Asian Fisheries Acoustics Society (AFAS) International Conference on Underwater Acoustic Technology and Education for Sustainable Fishery in Asia, held in Shanghai, China.

Both conferences gave us the opportunity to meet with clients and make new connections, and to learn more about new projects and advancements.


Biji Kobara, BioSonics North American Sales Manager represented BioSonics at CERF. “The CERF Conference meets only once every two years and brings together a diverse group of international scientists and stakeholders – many who have very different backgrounds. Together though, we all share a common goal of preserving coastal and estuary habitats. Protecting these natural environments is so vital, especially as more growth happens in cities and along the coast.”

Kobara spoke with academic, government and industry representatives invested in better understanding estuaries and the effects of human activities on these environments. “It was great to be able to connect with so many people, but I really enjoyed spending time with the many young and passionate students who attended,” said Kobara. “They were very interested in learning about the latest BioSonics habitat and fisheries monitoring technologies we had on display.”


This year, BioSonics celebrated 14 years of partnering with Zealquest Scientific as BioSonic’s exclusive sales agent in China. Ray Huang of Zealquest represented BioSonics at the recent AFAS International Conference on Underwater Acoustic Technology and Education for Sustainable Fishery in Asia.

“We’ve seen amazing strides in fisheries science in China over the years, and local partnerships like BioSonics with Zealquest help make this progress all the more possible. Recent advancements were exemplified and this year’s AFAS conference in Shanghai,” said Eric Munday, BioSonics International Sales Manager. “By harmonizing our expertise in fisheries acoustics with the insights of Ray Huang, our valued local partner, we not only strengthen trade relations but also amplify our collective impact on sustainable marine ecosystems.”

The AFAS conference this year focused on four main topics: acoustic technology; theory and target strength; acoustic applications; and acoustics in marine and freshwater aquaculture. With many presentations and discussion sessions held to examine each topic. “Together,” said Munday, “we’re charting new depths in innovation in China and throughout Asia. And impactful partnerships like ours with Zealquest are the key to a flourishing future for fisheries science in Asia.”


Biji Kobara at CERF
Ray Huang of Zealquest at AFAS