Aquaculture Biomass Monitor

In 2020, Optimar AS of Norway acquired BioSonics affiliate BioMetrics to become the exclusive distributor of Aquaculture Biomass Monitor (ABM) technology. Optimar has extensive experience in delivering products and solutions for aquaculture and fisheries worldwide.

The BioSonics Aquaculture Biomass Monitor together with Optimar’s Commander digital platform for complete insight into aquaculture operations, is the new generation fully automated sonar system for biomass measurement in net pen aquaculture.

The ABM collects data from thousands of fish per day to be analyzed and presented in customizable reports presented on the Optimar Commander Dashboard and accessible on multiple devices from anywhere.  Access to real time and historical data informs decision making and helps operators increase feed efficiency, maximize productivity, monitor fish growth, weight, and behavior, detect escapement or disease and provides important insights on the overall health of net pen populations.

The ABM is based on BioSonics proven scientific split beam active acoustic technology, used for decades for open-ocean fish stock assessment. Extensive testing of the technology has been conducted at operational salmon farms and research facilities in Norway since 2011. In 2016, BioMetrics, and a team of partners including BioSonics, were awarded an Innovation Norway grant to facilitate commercialization of the product. In 2020, Optimar AS acquired BioMetrics to become the exclusive worldwide distributor of the ABM.

Aquaculture Biomass Monitor Split Beam Sonar

Product Features

Aquaculture Biomass Monitor Fully Automated


  • Buoy mounted system floats on the surface of the net pen and detects fish from entire water column
  • No components in the water column interfering with the fish
  • Fully automated, runs continuously, requires no manpower once deployed


Automated real-time and daily summary reports include:

  • Daily average fish size (kg) and size distribution
  • Real-time vertical distribution of fish densities
  • Real-time vertical size stratification of fish
  • Total fish detections list – approximately 50,000 per day – includes time, depth, fish size and swim speed for each detection in a large sample volume
  • Early warning for escapement and behavioral changes
Aquacuture Biomass Monitor Commander Dashboard

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