Janusz Burczynski
Consulting Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator

Dr. Burczynski worked at BioSonics beginning in 1983 as a Senior Scientist. His responsibilities included managing various research, development, and application projects, as well as training customers in the use of modern hydroacoustic techniques. Before joining BioSonics, he worked at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN in Rome, Italy and at the Sea Fisheries Research Institute in Gdynia, Poland. His expertise lies in the application of underwater acoustics to fish stock assessment, fish and plankton monitoring, bottom classification, and aquatic habitat monitoring. He has supervised many research projects, including the preparation of research proposals and the execution of complex research and development projects. He has broad experience in the training of graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and mid-career scientists. Education: M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Ph.D. in Fisheries Science.