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Title Fish Behavior Measured by a Tracking Radar-Type Acoustic Transducer near Hydroelectric Dams
Author John Hedgepeth, William Acker, David Fuhriman, Brian McFadden
Date Sep-15-1997
Description Recent studies of fish behavior around hydroelectric dams have used acoustics with split-beam methodology. A complementary methodology called the tracking transducer takes advantage of split-beam capabilities for expanding fish behavior investigations. In a fixed deployment, the transducer remains static while fish move through the beam. Transducers mounted on underwater rotators allow expansion of spatial coverage, but tracking is still limited for individual fish. The principle of tracking radar, aligning the antenna beam axis with a target, has been applied with an acoustic transducer and dual-axis rotators for tracking individual fish movement over longer periods of time. Deviation of the target from the beam axis produces a correction to drive the target toward the axis. At the same time data regarding the fish position and movement, and acoustic size are recorded to hard disk. Individual fish tracks are visualized in AutoCAD.
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