DT-X Portable Scientific Echosounder

A complete system, producing accurate, high resolution water column data and results for fisheries management and research, the DT-X is ideal for mobile survey deployments to study communities of biological organisms and physical elements of marine and freshwater ecosystems, including fish schools and individuals, plankton, nekton, mammals, birds, debris, oil droplets, gas bubbles and more.

  • Split Beam or Single Beam
  • Data collection and analysis software included

Applications include:

  • Scientific Fisheries Echosounder
  • Fish Stock Assessment
  • Population Estimates
  • Size Distribution
  • Total Biomass Estimates
  • Vertical and Horizontal Distribution
  • Behavioral Studies
  • Plankton Biomass / Vertical Migration
  • Predator / Prey Relationships
  • Fish Schools, Individual Fish (all size classes), Plankton, Marine Mammals
  • Physical Oceanographic Measurements; Boundary, Mixing and Coherent Structure Detection

DT-X Features

  • Visual Acquisition Data Collection Software and Visacq Autotrack Real Time Processing Software Is Included.
  • Measurements and Methods Include: Target Strength, Echo Counting, Echo Integration, Fish Counting/tracking, Automated Bottom Detection
  • Portable and Robust
  • Multi-frequency / Mult-channel Transducer Configurations from a Single Echosounder Surface Unit: 38, 70, 120, 200, 1000 Khz Single and Split Beam Transducer Frequencies
  • Wired Or Wireless Ethernet Operation from a Notebook Computer
  • Low Side-lobe Digital Transducers
  • Low System Noise
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Integrated Transducer Orientation Sensor (Pitch and Roll) Included
  • Integrated Transducer Temperature, Pressure and Humidity Sensor Included
  • Integrated DGPS
  • Authorized Reseller of Echoview and Sonar5 Pro Software

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