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BioSonics offers the widest range of hydroacoustic solutions for resource managers, researchers, and regulatory agencies worldwide. Our hydroacoustic hardware, software and accessories are field-proven, versatile, and optimized for maximum flexibility, reliability and ease of operation.

Free Echosounder Selection Guide

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Have questions about transducer frequency or data processing software options? This step-by-step reference will help you identify and configure an echosounder system to fit your needs. Download this easy-to-read paper now.

DT-X Portable Echosounder

The DT-X Portable Scientific Echosounder is desgined for a wide range of fisheries and oceanographic assessment applications including fish stock assessment, bathymetric surveying, substrate classification, and submersed aquatic vegetation mapping.

DT-X SUB Autonomous Submersible Echosounder

Completely autonomous with NO EXTERNAL CABLES, the DT-X SUB is ideal for seafloor observatories and UUV deployments for monitoring and assessment of fish, zooplankton, and other aquatic organisms.

MX Aquatic Habitat Echosounder

The MX Aquatic Habitat Echosounder is a complete hardware and software system designed to simultaneously map submerged aquatic vegetation, classify substrate, and collect bathymetry data.

DT-X AMS Automated Monitoring Systems

BioSonics offers unique and innovative solutions to monitor fish passage and assess behavioral impacts on aquatic animals including marine mammals, fish, and diving birds.


The FX Scientific Fisheries Echosounder is optimized for large vessel installations, featuring rugged hull-mounted urethane transducers and rack mounted electronics.


The Z-Boat 1800MX is a remote habitat mapping survey boat equipped with the BioSonics MX Aquatic Habitat Echosounder, ideal for shallow water, tidal, or hard-to-access survey areas.


This real-time processing software for fisheries hydroacoustic data automatically builds echo lists, fish track lists, and summary reports. Process during data collection and walk off the boat with the information you need.

Visual Habitat software

This easy to use post-processing and data visualization software for BioSonics DT-X and MX Echosounder Systems generates full color transect maps in just minutes to display: submerged vegetation, bottom substrate type, and bathymetry.

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BioSonics is a GSA Contractor. GSA Advantage is the most reliable and proven shopping source for Federal purchasers worldwide. Contact us for details.


Our Document Library is a great source of information on a wide range of hydroacoustic assessment topics.
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Our Hydroacoustic Assessment Workshops provide training in the latest techniques for hydroacoustic data collection and processing.
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