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BioSonics offers the widest range of hydroacoustic solutions for resource managers, researchers, and regulatory agencies worldwide. Our hydroacoustic hardware, software and accessories are field-proven, versatile, and optimized for maximum flexibility, reliability and ease of operation.

Free Echosounder Selection Guide

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Have questions about transducer frequency or data processing software options? This step-by-step reference will help you identify and configure an echosounder system to fit your needs. Download this easy-to-read paper now.

DT-X Portable Echosounder

The DT-X is the choice of leading fisheries scientists worldwide for stock assessment, biomass estimates, and habitat mapping. DT-X digital transducers are available in a range of frequencies and beam patterns in split beam or single beam. Multiplex up to 5 transducers for simultaneous data collection from a variety of frequencies and transducer orientations.

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DT-X SUB Autonomous Echosounder

Completely autonomous with NO EXTERNAL CABLES, the DT-X SUB is ideal for seafloor observatories and UUV deployments. Used for monitoring and assessment of fish, zooplankton, and other aquatic organisms, the DT-X SUB features programmable duty cycle and on board data storage.

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MX Aquatic Habitat Echosounder

Portable, lightweight echosounder in durable case with storage space for transducer. Precise, calibrated instrument with unique data visualization tools. Complete, turn-key solution includes processing software for submersed plants, bathymetry and substrate classification, integrated DGPS.

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BioSonics is a GSA Contractor. GSA Advantage is the most reliable and proven shopping source for Federal purchasers worldwide. Contact us for details.


Our Document Library is a great source of information on a wide range of hydroacoustic assessment topics.
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Our Hydroacoustic Assessment Workshops provide training in the latest techniques for hydroacoustic data collection and processing.
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